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Dualism and the Ego

A sudden gust of wind pushes a tree in a new direction. Beliefs of the nature of consciousness and reality shift, without regard to the receiver’s expectations in the same manner. Recent exploration of my own consciousness has propelled me into a transcendent space of truth. The visit to my higher self has revealed a new, yet temporary, view of reality. Before I continue any further I must emphasize the fact that these ideas are not my own and belong to us all. Take an objective position, and attempt to internalize the ideas to come. It is possible to intellectualize the concepts, however, ultimately, it must be experienced.

Temptations and desires are exercised in each moment. The main purpose is to be experienced and used as a vehicle to learn about our true self. My last post touched upon the idea of a true self, therefore I wont go into that here. However, I want to reiterate that our impulses inherently exist within us and are leading us to a greater understanding. It is a gift of life to have the ability to experience diverse desires. However, believing the source of desire is external creates what entheogen explorer Dr. Martin Ball calls “duality”.

Dualism is the ideology that aided in the development of religion, belief in spirits, karma, etc. Most eastern and western religions are built upon this false foundation. The truth is that we are all expressions of the divine. We must look internally at out impulses for answers. Looking outside relieves personal responsibility for who we are and how we act. We must take control of our desires, emotions and reality. We have great potential in this life as an expression of god. The ego blinds us all of truth.

The ego is confused about what enlightenment is and how one should go about achieving it. The goal is to “obtain a state of being free of habitual patterning and systematic identification processes of the ego. Ego is the primary driver of dualism and identification” (Dr. Martin Ball). Strive to perceive things the way they are without the ego has the been my goal for quite some time.

The ego is the creator and the destroyer. The first step is to recognize the power is has over us all. Imagine being in prison and not knowing it. In the same way, the ego has control and the victim is unaware. However, let’s not completely discredit the ego. As I mentioned, it is also the creator. The ego created the society in which we live today, including all it’s glorious technologies and innovations. The ego is important for survival. It’s that “I” and “me” aspect of the self. We must recognize its power to do good, as well as its harmful energies.

Experiencing the loss of ego will change our world for the better. Freeing our minds from the illusions will inevitably free us all from bondage.

“When you’re around somebody who doesn’t want anything, your desires start to stick out like a sore thumb. It allows you to grow and to see where you’re not. You begin to see how your desire system keeps creating your reality”
– Dr. Richard Albert, aka. Ram Dass

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Use each moment to awaken

A transformation is occurring within us all on the conscious and subconscious planes. When fully understood it resonates deep within. It’s a transformation rooted in the discovery of a true self. Awareness of this internal order calls for the arduous task of releasing attachment to pre-conceived notions of our subjective realities. This can be attachment to notions of others, our environment, and how we view our self. It is human nature to look externally for information, yet the truth always comes from within. We are not static beings and are constantly evolving. Opportunities to awaken exist around us at each moment, it is up to the individual to be open and trust change. Responsibility for our emotions and actions are an inherent gift of life. Love, happiness, sadness and anger are states of being. Living in happiness is a choice and can be achieved only through accepting current reality. When a sensation begins to rise, question it and discover your trust self in that instance. Trust the path of transformation and leave behind attachments, the cause of suffering. Use each moment to awaken the heart and rediscover the many states that exist, pulling evolution towards the light.


– Namaste (“I honor the light within you.”)


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Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. The name comes from Amstellerdam, from its origins meaning “a dam in the river Amstel”. The city’s canal system was not created by fault. The three inner canals were built for residential purposes, while the fourth outer canal was used for military defense purposes and water control. Amsterdam’s architectural history and cultural trends contribute to its successful tourism-driven economy.

Each country I travel to provides different cultural systems. Amsterdam is one of the largest bicycle-cultures of the world and is also the city’s main form of transportation . Bicycles have the priority over pedestrians and vehicles. I had a few near misses from motorized scooters. They don’t stop for anybody. The tram and metro systems are very similar to those of Prague. I used these modes of transportation to maneuver throughout the city.

My visit consisted of countless hours of walking, which led me to the famous Rijksmuseum, Vondel Park, the red light district and various other locations.


The Rijksmusem, meaning “National Museum” in Dutch, has a rich collection of painting from the dutch golden age. Some famous artists include Rembrant, Frans Hals, and Jan Steen. Rembrant’s renowned painting “Night Watch” was quite a thrill to view. This painting, created in 1642, depicted the company on the move. Night Watch was the most viewed painting at the museum.


Vondelpark is one of the largest tourist spots in Amsterdam. Thousands of people gather everyday to eat, drink, and sleep outside in the grass fields. The park had a very relaxed atmosphere.

Red Light District

De Wallen, the most well known redlight district in Amsterdam, is a major tourist attraction. Known to have everything that involves sex, this area was entertaining, although I did not participate in the “activities”. Along with the redlight district, the coffee shops are a popular attraction. With over 250 throughout the city, the general vibe of the city was relaxed. Controlled use does not seem to cause any issues.

As stated in previous posts, learning is the key goal from traveling. What I have taken away from my visit to Amsterdam comes from my observations. I watched other travelers exploring the city while reflecting upon myself. Most of the tourists were much older than I. “Why?” is the question I ask myself. Why does most work their entire life, then eventually, if ever, hope to travel the world. Both can be accomplished at the same time.

I took notice of one couple I saw slowly walking through the streets,  65 years of age approximately. I overheard them speaking to each other of how beautiful Amsterdam is. I assumed it was their first time visiting. “Wow, I missed all of this,” would be the thoughts I’d have at that age. The couple cannot experience all that the city offers. Life is too short to ignore the endless possibilities that are available.

I will not restrict myself… Opportunities are waiting to be found. It won’t be found behind a desk. Those who seek will find.

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My journey thus far has been far from ordinary. Spending five nights in Crowthorne, a town an hour outside of london, I learned much about the people’s cultures, lifestyles, and habits. It is fascinating how different our cultures are regarding everyday rituals. For most, the average day consists of a small breakfast, tea and coffee at work, then off to the local pub. From what I’ve been told, the pubs are meeting grounds for the townspeople to knock back a few beers and gossip. I have come to appreciate the different rituals.

Most of my time was spent in London, roaming aimlessly throughout the charismatic city. I found it more intriguing not having a set plan for each day, but rather living in the moment. The most enjoyment involved spending time in pubs, watching the city buzz. Observing others helps me piece together who I want and don’t want to be. I certainly do not want to be the white or blue-collar man who mindlessly runs through the Underground, a similar system to the NYC subway system, because he is late for work. My goal is to be the man who speaks to others, is willing to learn, and is highly respected. Until recently I always backlashed at criticism with anger. I have now learned to analyze external thoughts and re-evaluate myself. 

After a week of observing, touring, and club hopping, my expedition took a new turn with my arrival in Prague on Sunday, May 23rd. My current residence resides at Komenskeho Kolej, a small college dormitory that is rented to various organizations over the summer.

Address: Parlerova 6, Prague 6 Czech Republic


Navigating the historic streets was easier than expected. Handing the taxi driver an index card with the address of my residence, I arrived promptly. Trams are a primary form of transportation. The tram tracks coast through the roads, covering a large area of the country. An interesting observation is that all passengers traveling on the tram follow the same code of ethics, respect for elders. The elderly have priority for seats and the younger person, adult or child, must give MUST give up the seat. I find this observation intriguing and virtuous.

First two weeks at Skanska (Monday-Wednesday)

On Monday, May 24th I began work at Skanska. Skanska is a leading international infrastructure company, operating in four business streams – Construction and three development streams; Residential Development, Commercial Development and Infrastructure Development. My internship position is within the Human Resources department (HR). For the first two weeks I was to learn how the HR department operates, including its communications with other departments. Skaska recently reorganized its organizational structure, with the goal of combining its previous 27 separate entities into one Skanska with 5 divisions. The communication and budgeting process between the HR department and these divisions will now require its own restructuring. My goal was to provide valuable feedback from my research.

Thursday May 27 – Sunday May 30th

On Thursday I had my Accounting Information Systems Course for two hours and then I was free until Sunday. I spent most of my time roaming the streets of Old Town, a historic part of Prague. The architecture and buildings are remarkable. Prague has been through many phases in its past, including its Communism era. I took time to visit the Museum of Communism, where I learned of the Czech Republics struggle until its independence in 1993. The Prague Castle provided the most valuable learning experience yet. It stands on the highest point, overlooking the city. The Annual Food Festival, where the top restaurants in the Czech Republic come to show off their best, was being held during my visit. The cuisine varied from all cultures. Quite amazing.

View of city from Castle

The nightlife in Prague was sub par to London, although I had a great time (not to mention at a fraction of the price). My second week of work is coming to an end. I have another class tomorrow and then I’m off to AMSTERDAM! I will be staying at Hotel Casa 400, 1.5 miles outside of the city center.

For now that’s all… I will update my journey with pictures and more details when I return.

Quote of the week:

Find your inefficiencies to eliminate them and to find your strengths so you can multiply them.”

-Tim Ferriss

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Bags are packed… Where am I headed?

It is the day of my departure. I have successfully packed for my study abroad trip in Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. My excursion is scheduled to begin at 6:30 A.M on Tuesday May 18th when I land in Heathrow (London). I will spend 5 full days at my Fraternity Brother’s relatives home just outside the city in a town called Crowthorne. From there, I will then continue my journey to Prague. My itinerary is as follows:

Monday through Wednesday-Internship with Skanska, a large international infrastructure and contracting firm. I will be working in the Business Information Systems field, however I have not been informed of what my job entails. More to follow…

Thursday(morning)– Accounting 311 Course with a Lehigh University Professor

Thursday(noon) through Sunday- Traveling to various local countries

I am scheduled to return home on June 19th.

I look forward to this new phase in my life. Life comes in stages, each providing valuable lessons and priceless experiences. Tomorrow morning will mark the beginning of the next stage in my life, where I will continue to act on my values and thoughts in my previous post. I have adjusted my normal packing needs by focusing on one word, simplicity. Listed below are a few items I have recently purchased that may spark one’s interest:

  • I will only be taking two pair of underwear and socks. These articles of clothing are 100% synthetic, which can be easily hand washed and hung dry in 2-3 hours. Having to travel 30 minutes to do a load of laundry once a week is not realistic.

I am excited to embark on my first adventure overseas. I will attempt to update my blog at least once a week for the next month so stay tuned. Thanks for taking the time to read my second post…

Skype: Kruegs90

If you see me online, make a call!

“PEACE I’M OUTA HERE” -Billy Madison

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Hello world!

Post #1

This is the first time I’ve put my thoughts in writing for all to see. I will use this blog as a tool to enhance my writing skills, as well as update people with valid information about my thoughts, actions, and travels. Forget about all you’ve heard about me, what you’ve seen or heard me say… It’s not me. I’ve changed.

An assumption I am making from this point forward is that if you are reading this, you are actually interested in what I have to say, and who I really am. The rest of the people who think differently, I can care less about. Over the last few months I’ve become more self-aware of myself and others. Growing up as a little kid, I looked up to adults for answers to my questions and guidance towards a success. I assumed they knew the key to life. I have waited anxiously for the moment that I’d turn into the adult that knew everything. Years have passed, and still… no answers?

I believe that, in reality, no one really knows what’s going on. Endless possibilities exist, and are waiting to be captured. Spending countless hours watching media propaganda and being told what is “right” my whole life has led me to the conclusion that I need to find what’s right for me. I need to find my personality that fits me best, that will lead me to success in my eyes, which means breaking from conformity.

In order to find a personality that fits me best means that I need to be aware of how others act. The first thing to go, is gossip.

Gossip is, by definition, a “Light informal conversation for social occasions; A report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; A person given to divulging personal information about others.” I believe that gossip is detrimental to one’s personality and public image. Too many people are two-faced, constantly talking behind others backs instead of focusing on their own issues. No one is perfect. I am placing my ego aside and placing self-awareness in front. No longer do I judge others. I, as does everyone else, have my own public image that has been constructed over the years. Regardless of what these thoughts of me are, they are no longer true.

The people who still hold onto these thoughts after reading this passage, are no longer important in my life. They are the clutter that has been holding me down for years. I always was worried of what other thought of me. This is no longer the case.

With this being said, my friends and family are of utmost important in my life. Those who attempt to belittle are not those with whom I wish to associate with. Moving forward, I am constantly attempting to change my outlook on life and others, while filling my mind with knowledge.

De cluttering the shit starts now…