Posted by: rkrueger1 | December 9, 2012

Use each moment to awaken

A transformation is occurring within us all on the conscious and subconscious planes. When fully understood it resonates deep within. It’s a transformation rooted in the discovery of a true self. Awareness of this internal order calls for the arduous task of releasing attachment to pre-conceived notions of our subjective realities. This can be attachment to notions of others, our environment, and how we view our self. It is human nature to look externally for information, yet the truth always comes from within. We are not static beings and are constantly evolving. Opportunities to awaken exist around us at each moment, it is up to the individual to be open and trust change. Responsibility for our emotions and actions are an inherent gift of life. Love, happiness, sadness and anger are states of being. Living in happiness is a choice and can be achieved only through accepting current reality. When a sensation begins to rise, question it and discover your trust self in that instance. Trust the path of transformation and leave behind attachments, the cause of suffering. Use each moment to awaken the heart and rediscover the many states that exist, pulling evolution towards the light.


– Namaste (“I honor the light within you.”)



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