Posted by: rkrueger1 | December 29, 2012

Dualism and the Ego

A sudden gust of wind pushes a tree in a new direction. Beliefs of the nature of consciousness and reality shift, without regard to the receiver’s expectations in the same manner. Recent exploration of my own consciousness has propelled me into a transcendent space of truth. The visit to my higher self has revealed a new, yet temporary, view of reality. Before I continue any further I must emphasize the fact that these ideas are not my own and belong to us all. Take an objective position, and attempt to internalize the ideas to come. It is possible to intellectualize the concepts, however, ultimately, it must be experienced.

Temptations and desires are exercised in each moment. The main purpose is to be experienced and used as a vehicle to learn about our true self. My last post touched upon the idea of a true self, therefore I wont go into that here. However, I want to reiterate that our impulses inherently exist within us and are leading us to a greater understanding. It is a gift of life to have the ability to experience diverse desires. However, believing the source of desire is external creates what entheogen explorer Dr. Martin Ball calls “duality”.

Dualism is the ideology that aided in the development of religion, belief in spirits, karma, etc. Most eastern and western religions are built upon this false foundation. The truth is that we are all expressions of the divine. We must look internally at out impulses for answers. Looking outside relieves personal responsibility for who we are and how we act. We must take control of our desires, emotions and reality. We have great potential in this life as an expression of god. The ego blinds us all of truth.

The ego is confused about what enlightenment is and how one should go about achieving it. The goal is to “obtain a state of being free of habitual patterning and systematic identification processes of the ego. Ego is the primary driver of dualism and identification” (Dr. Martin Ball). Strive to perceive things the way they are without the ego has the been my goal for quite some time.

The ego is the creator and the destroyer. The first step is to recognize the power is has over us all. Imagine being in prison and not knowing it. In the same way, the ego has control and the victim is unaware. However, let’s not completely discredit the ego. As I mentioned, it is also the creator. The ego created the society in which we live today, including all it’s glorious technologies and innovations. The ego is important for survival. It’s that “I” and “me” aspect of the self. We must recognize its power to do good, as well as its harmful energies.

Experiencing the loss of ego will change our world for the better. Freeing our minds from the illusions will inevitably free us all from bondage.

“When you’re around somebody who doesn’t want anything, your desires start to stick out like a sore thumb. It allows you to grow and to see where you’re not. You begin to see how your desire system keeps creating your reality”
– Dr. Richard Albert, aka. Ram Dass


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