At the age of 20, I am completing my sophomore year at Lehigh University with high hopes for the future. I decided to major in Business Information Systems Management, a top growing field over the last five years.
I play Division 1 tennis at Lehigh. I am becoming more and more self motivated to achieving perfection for myself and my teammates. Over the years my elders, aka. my father and brother, preached to me the power of the mind in tennis, which can be applied to many aspects of life including the business world.
I have very strong opinions on topics which I have researched and/or have personal experience from. I may tend to come across as a “know-it-all”, rambling about a topic that has been brought up briefly. However, my intentions are merely to hear other sides and opinions. I am self-aware of my behavior in many aspects of life, and am willing to change for the better. This brings my to my personal question, what type of personality fits me best and will allow me to accomplish my goals?


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